Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu Chapter 7: The Demon Lord’s Assassin

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The seventh chapter of the popular manga series “Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu” has just been released and fans are already buzzing with excitement. This action-packed isekai story follows the journey of a ruthless serial killer who is transported to another world where he must use his skills to survive and thrive. In this latest installment, our protagonist faces a new threat as he becomes entangled in the politics of the demon realm. With intense battles, unexpected reunions, and shocking revelations, chapter 7 is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The Demon Lord’s Assassin: A New Threat

As our anti-hero, Akira, continues to navigate the demon realm, he finds himself caught in the middle of a power struggle between two powerful factions. On one side is the current Demon Lord, who rules with an iron fist and has no qualms about using violence to maintain his control. On the other side is a mysterious group known as the “Assassins,” who are rumored to be plotting against the Demon Lord.

In chapter 7, Akira is approached by the Assassins and offered a deal he can’t refuse – become the Demon Lord’s personal assassin and help them overthrow him from within. At first, Akira is hesitant to get involved in the political games of the demon realm, but the promise of power and wealth ultimately sways him. Little does he know, this decision will lead to a dangerous and unpredictable path.

The Demon Realm’s Hidden Past

As Akira delves deeper into his role as the Demon Lord’s assassin, he uncovers secrets and mysteries about the demon realm’s past. He learns that the current Demon Lord was not always in power and that there was once a peaceful coexistence between demons and humans. However, a catastrophic event known as the “Blood Moon” changed everything.

The Blood Moon was a night when the sky turned red and demons went on a rampage, killing humans indiscriminately. This event caused a rift between the two species, leading to the demon realm’s current state of chaos and violence. Akira begins to question his role in this world and wonders if he can truly trust the Assassins who are using him for their own agenda.

Battle of the Blood Moon

As tensions rise between the Demon Lord and the Assassins, the Blood Moon rises once again, signaling another night of chaos and destruction. In an attempt to gain more power, the Demon Lord unleashes his army of demons onto the human world, causing widespread panic and devastation.

Akira is caught in the middle of this battle, torn between his loyalty to the Demon Lord and his growing doubts about the true nature of the Assassins. As he fights alongside the demons, he begins to see the humanity in them and questions whether they are truly the monsters he believed them to be.

Reunion with an Old Enemy

Amidst the chaos of the Blood Moon, Akira comes face to face with an old enemy – the hero who originally transported him to this world. The hero, now known as the “Savior,” has become a powerful figure in the demon realm, revered by both humans and demons alike.

Their reunion is tense and filled with animosity, but Akira soon realizes that the Savior may hold the key to uncovering the truth about the demon realm’s past. He must decide whether to put aside their differences and work together or continue to see each other as enemies.

A Troubled Relationship

As Akira and the Savior reluctantly team up, their relationship becomes increasingly complicated. They both have different goals and motivations, and their conflicting personalities clash. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to understand each other better and form an unlikely bond.

Akira also starts to question his own actions and whether he is truly a heartless killer or if there is still some humanity left in him. The Savior’s influence begins to change him, and he starts to wonder if there is a way to redeem himself for his past sins.

The Assassin’s Redemption

As the battle between the Demon Lord and the Assassins reaches its climax, Akira must make a choice – continue down the path of violence and destruction or betray the Demon Lord and help the Assassins achieve their goal. In a surprising turn of events, Akira chooses neither.

He reveals the truth about the Blood Moon and the demon realm’s past, exposing the Demon Lord’s lies and manipulation. With this revelation, the demons and humans come together to fight against the true enemy – the Demon Lord himself.

Clash of the Titans

The final showdown between the Demon Lord and the combined forces of the demons and humans is nothing short of epic. As the two powerful beings clash, the fate of the demon realm hangs in the balance. Akira, now fighting alongside the Savior, uses all of his skills and knowledge to defeat the Demon Lord once and for all.

The battle is intense and filled with twists and turns, but in the end, it is Akira who emerges victorious. However, his victory comes at a great cost as he suffers severe injuries and is on the brink of death.

The Demon Lord’s True Identity

As Akira lays on the brink of death, the Savior reveals the shocking truth – the Demon Lord was not the true mastermind behind the chaos in the demon realm. It was actually the Savior himself, who orchestrated everything to gain power and control over both humans and demons.

Feeling betrayed and manipulated, Akira unleashes all of his anger and hatred towards the Savior, determined to take him down once and for all. In a final battle between the two former enemies, Akira must use all of his strength and cunning to defeat the Savior and bring peace to the demon realm.

A New Chapter Begins

With the Demon Lord defeated and the Savior exposed, the demon realm is finally at peace. Akira, now hailed as a hero, is given the opportunity to start a new life in this world. He chooses to stay and help rebuild the demon realm, using his skills for good instead of evil.

He also begins to form new relationships with the demons and humans, realizing that they are not so different after all. With a newfound purpose and a chance at redemption, Akira’s journey in this isekai world is far from over.


Chapter 7 of “Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu” takes readers on a thrilling ride filled with action, suspense, and unexpected twists. As our protagonist faces new challenges and confronts his past, he undergoes a transformation that will change the course of his journey. With a gripping storyline and dynamic characters, this chapter sets the stage for an even more exciting future for Akira and the demon realm. Fans can’t wait to see what happens next in this captivating isekai series.

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